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How are you?

Remember this is always a safe place for you to feel at ease

Can you say you are truly happy now?


I worked for a developing country, Timor Leste for two and a half years as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer.


One day I tried to hear opinions from Timorese colleagues about suicide, a critical social issue in Japan.


However they questioned with puzzled looks:

“Don’t Japanese people have families?”

They didn’t understand the concept of suiside.


This moment has become a shocking memory to me and is still vivid in my heart.


In Tokyo, where I live, I often see people look exhausted on the train.

It’s common to see people bumping each other's shoulders and look frustrated during a commute.


Aren’t we, developed countries, supposed to have progressed toward happiness?


Are you happy if you have money?

Are you happy if you have power to control other people?

Are you happy if you have followers?


Is the personality you made up to inspire others your true self?

Where is your real self?


If you feel like losing yourself, why don’t you distance yourself from the current daily life?

Here, even in Tokyo, there are peaceful places and space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The whole process from boiling water until enjoying the tea consists of meditational experience. You will be feeling at peace and filled with kindness and gratitude when finishing your tea.



In a sacred environment at the temple, purify yourself by cha-link therapy with tea and mindfulness.


If you live overseas, you can also try it on Zoom.


We are looking forward to seeing you here or online.


group tea mindfulness therapy

personal tea mindfulness therapy

True Voice Healing session

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cha-link Tea Mindfulness


Recommended for those who


・are somehow always tired

・easily feel anxious and frustrated

・want to build a habit to maintain inner peace

・look for a suitable method of relaxation and self-care for themselves

・love tea

・are interested in mindfulness and meditation

・love Japanese traditional cultures like buddhist temples


Tea Mindfulness Therapy based on neuroscience

Mindfulness has been widely practiced as a popular solution to reduce stress and improve focus in medical treatments and business training. Based on neuroscience, many studies have shown its benefits to grow kindness and inner peace in your heart. What's more interesting is that it’s found that L-Theanine, a type of amino acid in tea, is effective to relax yourself and increase your concentration. That’s why mindfulness and tea have a great combined effect and you can expect deep healing and refined mindfulness meditation.

What is cha-link Tea Mindfulness?

Building a habit to keep inner peace is the key

There are hundreds of amazing methods for relaxation and stress reduction in the world. It would be easy for you to feel its effect right after such as massaging. However the most difficult part is how to maintain the positive effect while we are exposed to stress everyday. So what is important is to establish a habit to keep peace of mind.

cha-link tea mindfulness group therapy is regularly organized in the temple and on Zoom. You can continue your self-care in a suitable environment at your own pace with us.



At the temple

The atmosphere of the traditional Japanese tea room and the beautiful Japanese garden will invite you to deep relaxation. Experience mindfulness by brewing a special organic Japanese tea selected by the host, Rica. Don’t worry even if you are new to mindfulness. Rica will kindly guide you to meditation. Appreciate the supreme healing moment and drink your tea in a sacred place.


*We offer cha-link therapy at the temple with careful Covid19 prevention measures



a group tea mindfulness therapy

On Zoom

For those who live far from Tokyo or who are not able to go out, we also offer the group therapy on Zoom. In that case, we will send you tea for the single therapy or you can purchase a bigger amount of the tea selected by Rica. You will experience guided mindfulness therapy with your own teapot and teacup at home. If you don’t have teaware, you can also get them here.


a group tea mindfulness therapy

What you will need for cha-link Therapy on Zoom



(Offline & Online)

If our rumination is persistent and there seems no limit to your worries and irritations, you can try the personal therapy with Rica to figure out  your personal troubles.


Firstly she will take time to listen to your troubles and issues and then offer the best treatment for you. Other healing methods can be combined with tea mindfulness depending on your condition. Rica will also pick up a suitable tea for you according to the counselling. Although we basically offer therapy at the temple, she can also travel to your place. ( The travel expenses are to be charged )



a personal tea mindfulness therapy

What you will need for cha-link Therapy on Zoom

True Voice


When Mindfulness doesn’t work well enough, you might be required to dig up your fundamental problems.


Recommended for those who


・find it extremely hard to focus on what is happening and on

 what they are feeling at this moment

・don’t get along with others for the same reasons and also the same emotions

 are accompanied(Such as being scared, disgusted, obsessed, or feeling interior)

・have a negative feeling to a specific person right now and

 are thinking about it every second

・are always obsessed with anxiety and other negative thoughts

・difficulty feeling happy without knowing why

Your past emotions are

crying to you for help

It’s common that our problems are buried in the subconscious and it can trigger our conscious troubles even if you have no idea what it is.


The cause is your emotions that were not accepted in the past haven’t been healed yet. The undigested emotions are sending you SOS messages and emerged as a problem related to yourself.


Your present self

can rescue your past self

True Voice Healing has many points in common with trauma and inner child healing. Find out your emotional pains and heal them by 100% accepting your past self in former days.


The most important in the session is that you are able to express all the emotions while you are connecting to your past self. So an ideal environment is where you can ensure your privacy. We recommend a Zoom session if you have a private room at home so you can feel relaxed.



a True Voice Healing session

Participant Experience Stories