Yame, Fukuoka

Yame is famous for Gyokuro green tea but also well known as a high quality green tea producer

Kogyoku en


Tea Processor and blender

“Tea leaves are the products of nature and never the same every year. So every season we pick out excellent ones carefully and process them dedicatedly in order to maintain a high level of quality and taste over the years. We have specialists in each department: purchasing, heating, and refining/ finishing to bring out the potential of the tea leaves as much as possible. We hope you will feel relaxed as much as enjoying the taste and flavor when you drink our tea.”

Tea Farmers

working with Kogyoku en


Our motto is to produce safe and reliable tea. We are glad to present our tea to be part of your life


Our tea trees are grown near the top of the mountain without pesticides. Our green tea has a naturally well-balanced taste, which will make your body and your tongue happy

Ocha we proud

Organic Sencha