Deep Breath

cha-link will let you follow 2 steps to meditate yourself.



Purify yourself ~ boiling water ~

Clear out and boil away your stress, fatigue, and anxiety to be aware of the present moment



Grow your inner peace ~ brewing and tasting tea ~

Warm up and soften your heart together with the tea leaves in the teapot




Formal Style

During cha-link tea meditation, you will focus on your on-going action and image.

If your minds start wandering and focusing on other topics that’s not an issue.

Remember that you can always go back to the cha-link practice. It’s ok to feel whatever it is.

Just be aware of it, accept it, and focus on the practice again.


Start boiling water.

This is the sign to start cha-link.

To start, be aware and accept your condition and feelings without judgment and evaluation.

Are you tired? Are you anxious about something?

Maybe you are emotional or feeling nothing right now; It is all ok. Just be aware and accept it.

Feel your body is getting relaxed, deeper together with your breathing.

Every time you breathe out, you are more relaxed, your body is getting heavy and sinking into the chair/ floor.

Now exhale and breathe out your negative feelings and emotions. Clear them out of your body and mind. Imagine they are boiled away together with the water in the kettle.

Now pour this purified, gentle water into the teacup.

Hold the teacup in your hands and imagine warm kindness coming from the water is streaming into your body. Feel that your hands, feet, stomach and your heart are getting warm.

Open the tea caddy and breath in the beautiful aroma of tea deeply.

Imagine you are in wild nature.

Put the tea leaves in the teapot and observe it.

Synchronize the dried and hard tea leaves with your tired mind.

Now the dried tea leaves or your hardened heart is getting soft and tender with the warm and purified water.

With a kind grin on your face, roll the teapot in your hands and imagine that your mind is getting relaxed as you are steeping the tea.

Finally, enjoy the tea filled with your tenderness and gratitude.

Before drinking the tea, bow once to express your gratitude toward the sun, the earth, the tea farmer, the delivery people and also yourself for having this beautiful tea right here.

Enjoy the tea with all your senses.

Remember to breathe every after a sip.

Take your time.

After finishing the tea, place your hands on your chest and share the peace of mind grown in your heart with people around you.


Keep breathing naturally and pray for happiness for you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your rivals, those who you don’t get along with, and every living creature by imagining their happy faces.


Finally, hug yourself and tell yourself that you are always completely accepting who you are and loving who you are. Express your thanks and gratitude to yourself. Thank yourself for trying your best in difficult situations all the time. Tell yourself that you don't have to blame yourself for not being perfect because you are already perfect as you are.