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When you choose a tea for cha-link the key is to use a tea that you feel a special connection with. So it is your choice! If you haven’t found a favorite tea yet, we will recommend organic or Pesticide & Fertilizer Free Japanese tea for four reasons as below:

  • 1.

    To care  for yourself, your family and the environment

    This is also what we value in cha-link. Even if the teas have passed Toxicology Tests, you may still want to reduce the unknown health risks from the legal pesticide residues for yourself and your family. Also, the chemicals can distract biodiversity and give critical negative effects on the environment.

  • 2.

    To feel and connect with nature closely

    In cha-link practice, you will observe the shape and color of the tea leaves and smell its aroma to imagine linking yourself with nature. Artificial factors would stay between you and the earth. So the fewer chemicals in the tea leaves the more you can attach yourself to nature directly during meditation.

  • 3.

    To take more and better time to meditate yourself

    Contrary to a general idea today “the faster the better”, the more time you take, the more you are relaxed with cha-link. While black tea and Oolong tea are for you to enjoy its beautiful flavors and aromas by brewing with boiling water, Japanese green tea is for you to enjoy its refreshing taste and umami by brewing at a lower temperature. Thus you need time until the water gets less hot and needs some more time again for steeping tea. However, the time you spend waiting will become an important time for you to meditate yourself deeply.

  • 4.

    To love our lives as it is

    Organic tea is not considered to be great for Japanese tea professionals. Why? Because the shapes of its leaves are not so beautiful, the balance of its tastes and its colours don’t meet the evaluation standards of big tea competitions and appraisals held in Japan. Japanese tea farmers are trying hard to receive an award in those local and national competitions. The careful and patient character of Japanese people enables them to make high-quality teas in terms of shapes, colors, tastes and so on. On the other hand they think pesticides and fertilizers are necessary to ensure its quality. It’s true that organic teas would be evaluated to be low quality in the criterias of those tea competitions. However, I found them just simply amazing. I enjoy its natural and gentle tastes and flavors. So called japanese tea is the supermodel of humans. However I love people who have grown up naturally as who they are. The beauty of being true to themselves is priceless. The bloom that even makes me love its defects is innate in naturally grown teas. What’s more, when you drink this tea with a peace of mind, you will want to appreciate your life born on the earth as who you are.

    Our partner tea producers grow their tea leaves with great care and love with a deep respect for nature and the environment.

    Please receive love from the tea farmers  through our tea



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